5 Steps How to Growth a Local Community for a Successful Business

Building a community is indeed challenging and rewarding at the same time. Many business owners have not realized that actually local community can really help to boost the business success. According to research, in communities, customers spend for over 19% compare to other customers outside communities. However, building a local community is also not easy but a strong dedication is needed to make things possible.

The most challenging point on building a community is how to get people notice and participate to the community. On online, you probably have thousands of active followers and also, you have amazing website traffic; however, if you make the community in real life, will they participate? If they come, how will you make the community stand out which has a meaningful connection? In the other hand, there is also one more challenging point that is over controlling. Usually, while trying to control the outcome, you become over control which drives people away. Therefore, instead of taking control over outcome and activity; it is better to create a participatory environment which is the condition to motivate people to grow and build the community together.

If you are planning to make a local community; hold on, here are some guides which can be your kind consideration.


Make the design – make sure to sets the base of the community. It is okay if you still have a rough draft about it in the beginning, but make sure throughout the remaining steps you complete the design. Have a strong vision will motivate people to contribute. Also, make sure to use website and social media to spread the word and help increase the participant.

Invest – choose the right resources to meet the community member’s need. Everyone can help to make sure that the community works; you probably need someone to be responsible for that.

Launching – you do not have to start with the big community all at once. Start from the small community first and make sure to involve the community in the process. There is plenty community which launched with excitement and fanfare but forgets about the members need. Keep in mind that the more members involved in the process, they will likely defend it as well as educate and bring more people to follow.

Grow it – increase people awareness by trying to connect with the online and media social. You can link the community to the websites to make more people recognize the community. The early members will gladly invite people they know.

Here is the community – moving from launching and growing stage, you already welcome, encourage, and educate new members. As more and more people join the community, it is important to help them find the how and why as well as increase motivation.

Overall, growing a community is a matter of time; you should constantly work it out. However, the success of a community is a matter of time too. On the first place, you might get only 10 people but love those 10 people and they will grow bigger.

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